Thursday, October 18, 2012

Innovative Customer Shares His Story

Having had my Hawken Stove in place for a few seasons now, I am finding 
more ways to utilize it.  I already have my forced air heat and heated 
floors in my home along domestic hot water.  I have also replaced a 
section of concrete floor in my shop and have heated that as well.  Next 
I added a small 10 plate exchanger for running hot water for my shop 
sink.  This year, after watching diesel fuel climb and wishing I had a 
cheaper alternative to my diesel fired pressure washer, I did a little 
research and found that my pressure pump would safely handle 160 degree 
input water.  Well, after a few bucks in fittings and clamps, I now have 
a wood fired Hotsy, with diesel fuel back-up.  Now I can have tame 
120-140 degree wood-fired hot water or I can run both sources of heat 
and provide 200+ degree water for faster and more effective cleaning of 
dirty and greasy equipment.

With proper plumbing and flow control (and some help from my local 
Hawken guy), I am able to heat my old 1700 sq foot farm house, 1000 sq 
foot work shop, with domestic water, forced air and heated floors in 
both, as well as my Hotsy pressure washer (and I keep both house and 
shop no less than 72 degrees).  The best part is, I still just burn 
slabwood scrap from a local sawmill and I still only have to fill maybe 
once a day most of the time, sometimes twice a day if its bitter cold 
and windy.

Jeff D.
Cass City, MI
Thanks Jeff.  We really appreciate the feedback.  We're so happy that your Hawken Energy outdoor wood furnace is working out so well for you. 
Posted by Don Squire - Hawken Energy Outdoor Wood Furnaces
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