Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Happy Customer

I just wanted to let you know about the service I have received thus far with your company.

I have been researching OWB’s for quite some time, comparing brands, reading good and bad about every brand there is made.  Received a lot of literature in the mail and heard back from numerous salesmen/representatives.

Around October 1st I received a call from your rep Mike Rafelli, he invited me over to his house to look at his OWB and described the features and installation, he even took me into his house to see the installation at the water heater and furnace. (this was the first rep that was willing to do this). After a lengthy visit and covering the spec/order sheet with me I asked if he would come out and do an on-site evaluation. Please keep in mind this was on a Saturday and I believe Mike had family plans. He came out that same afternoon and took the time to discuss the location of the OWB, measured for the underground Pex, and evaluated and recommended routing of the indoor pex.

On Oct 12th I went and picked up my new OWB at the shop in Shelby, your team was friendly in helping load the unit and supplies. I even met Darlene and she wanted to make sure everything was good before we left.

It took me 3 days to complete the installation, which was fairly easy. Mike even checked in to see how things were going and took my calls when I had a question. At one point I needed a fitting for the back of the unit that was shorted and this was the only thing stopping me from firing the unit, Mike again took the time to locate and purchase the fitting along with drop it off at my house on his way to a family function.

I have only had the unit running for a week but am very pleased with its operation.

John VanGeertruy

Posted by Don Squire - Hawken Energy Outdoor Wood Furnaces
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