Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hawken Energy Phase 2 Outdoor Wood Furnace Gains State Approvals

Shelby, MI – Hawken Energy announces approval for regulated states, including those with additional requirements beyond the voluntary EPA Phase 2 Program.  The Hawken Energy GX10 is now approved in the following states: Indiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. 

Hawken Energy passed their preliminary EPA emissions testing in September of 2011 and received the required EPA hangtags and publication on the EPA Burnwise website in February of 2012. 

The GX10 utilizes gasification technology to achieve extremely high temperatures.  Air introduced into the firebox is forced down through the coals.  This ignites the flammable compounds in the smoke and creates burn temperatures exceeding 1,500°F.  Temperatures often exceed 2,000°F. 

This extremely hot gas passes through three heat exchangers before exiting the stack at temperatures well below 380°F. 

The GX10 is sized to heat most homes up to 3,500 sq/ft.  “Customers can expect comfort and savings, the best of both worlds” said Warren Walborn, president and CEO of Hawken Energy.  “Wood heat should be affordable and we’re trying to help people stay warm.”

The GX10 is the only outdoor wood furnace currently approved to utilize a catalytic disk to reduce combustion emissions.  This advance in technology is due largely to the placement of the disk between the heat exchangers.  This placement allows the disk to reach the proper temperatures to be activated without being exposed to flames. 

With multiple patents pending, the GX10 and soon the GX20 from Hawken Energy set a new standard for quality and efficiency in the outdoor wood furnace industry today. 

“Not only is the GX10 cutting edge,” said Walborn, “Its main purpose is to save people money by giving them an alternative to expensive fossil fuel based heating.  Wood is endlessly renewable.  The GX10 is the lowest priced, highest quality gasifier on the market by far.  With a GX10 in their back yard people can heat their homes with wood and save money.  That’s what we’re all about.”

For more information on the GX10 and Hawken Energy call 888-564-2876 or visit www.HawkenEnergy.com 

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