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Hawken Energy Passes EPA Phase 2 Testing With Their New GX10 Outdoor Wood Furnace

Originally Published Nov. 2011

Shelby, MI – Preliminary results are in, Hawken Energy’s newest model, the GX10, has qualified for the US EPA Phase 2 Hydronic Heater Program.  Publication on the EPA’s website is pending. 

The GX10, Hawken Energy’s newest outdoor wood hydronic heater, has an output of 144,000 BTU/hr and an average efficiency rating of 85%. 

This newest and most efficient of Hawken’s models brings affordable wood heating options back to regulated states such as Pennsylvania and New York.  Priced well below the competition after instant rebates and the federal tax credit of $300, this is THE LOWEST PRICED qualifying outdoor boiler that qualifies by a large margin. 

The GX10 utilizes gasification technology to achieve extremely high temperatures.  Air introduced into the firebox is forced down through the coals.  This ignites the flammable compounds in the smoke and creates burn temperatures exceeding 1,500°F.  Temperatures often exceed 2,000°F. 

This extremely hot gas passes through three heat exchangers before exiting the stack at temperatures well below 380°F. 

The GX10 is sized to heat most homes up to 3,500 sq/ft.  “Customers can expect comfort and savings, the best of both worlds” said Warren Walborn, president and CEO of Hawken Energy.  “Wood heat should be affordable and we’re trying to help people stay warm.”

The GX10 was originally inspired as a product to sell in more strictly regulated markets.  As more states bring emissions regulations into effect manufacturers have been making it harder to burn wood by selling products at unrealistically high prices.  The GX10 is meant to be an affordable option. 

With this newest addition to their product line, Hawken Energy is well on the way to establishing representatives in 40 U.S. states where heating is required.  Hawken is also expanding into Canada and Europe.  Hawken Energy already has a market in 5 European countries. 

Hawken has already presold the first runs of this unit.  To get on the order list contact Hawken Energy today.  A 20% deposit is required to hold your place on the list.  The larger size furnace, the GX20, is expected sometime next year. 

For more information about Hawken Energy or the GX10 gasification furnace contact your local Hawken Rep.  

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