Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hawken Energy Announces North East Expansion

Originally Published Nov. 2011
Hawken Energy is proud to announce expansion of our service area coverage with the addition of Joseph Jensen and Green, Lean and Clean Products LLC to grow and manage the Northeast’s New England, Tri-State and Mid-Atlantic regions. 

Warren Walborn, CEO of Hawken Energy stated, “Partnering with Joseph has created the opportunity for Hawken Energy to provide strong support and service to our current and prospective dealer network in a territory Joe has serviced for 15+ years.  Joe has the same values and ethics that this family business was built upon.” 

Walborn adds, “The addition and successful EPA test results of our GX line, combined with our strong pricing advantages requires a strong move at this time.  We are looking forward to quickly capitalizing on these advantages.”

Joseph Jensen has served the waste, HVAC and biomass energy industries during his tenured career.  He has worked to provide support to dealers and end users to create a pleasant and successful experience for all involved.

Joseph Jensen states, “Upon meeting the team, I immediately knew I found a group that I would love working with.  This is a family oriented company – you feel that here – it’s not a pseudo-corporate entity.” 

Bruce Walborn, EVP of Hawken Energy, stated, “We sell products to families and businesses that are willing to put in a little work processing wood to save money for their family and business.  These folks are the salt of the earth, with God, family and country mattering first. Our products reflect this feeling, while keeping their budgets manageable in this energy circus-like environment.  People need to know what to expect tomorrow!”

At this time, Hawken Energy welcomes qualified and interested parties to enjoy the addition of our biomass heating products to your company’s product offerings. 

Please request the Qualifications and Benefits information of our offering.  If you are interested in learning more, please call us today at (888) LOG-BURN or (888) 564-2876.

Exclusive territories are available for a limited time in the very lucrative and strong marketplaces of:

New England – Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island.

Tri-State Area - New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Mid-Atlantic - Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland.

These territories are being filled quickly with qualified dealers that have agreed to be part of our winning team – “The Hawken Family”.  

Hawken Energy is simultaneously working to develop additional products that will enable all dealers to offer the most competitive and comprehensive mix of biomass heating and green energy products for our “family”.

In the Northeast:  Please call Joseph Jensen to discuss your local opportunity, and our current and pipeline products.  As we are rapidly expanding in 2012, we kindly request serious inquiries only. Mobile - (914) 602-4369.  Office - (914) 747-6157. 

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