Thursday, November 3, 2011

Finding the Best Location for your Outdoor Wood Furnace

Finding the Best Location for Your Hawken

When identifying the ideal location for your Hawken, please consider the following:
Review the HPBA Best Burn Practices:

When possible, have the boiler door open towards prevailing winds. This helps disperse the smoke while loading the boiler. When possible locate boiler 30 to 50 feet from any structure. Consult with your insurance company for minimum distances. Always install boiler with a Hawken authorized chimney cap to reduce heat loss, keep rain out, to serve as a spark arrestor, and to disperse smoke. Locate boiler so that prevailing winds will not cause a nuisance for neighbors. Protect your right to burn wood! When possible, locate boiler downwind from nearby buildings. Install on non-combustible flooring with adequate support. Hawken boilers do not require a cement slab. Boiler feet may be set on 4-inch thick header blocks that are level, centered, and properly supported. Hawken boilers utilize a frame design to allow forked lifting.  The unit is very heavy; please use caution.  A lift loop is also mounted to the top of the boiler for crane type lifting.  A concrete pad is not required for placement.  Concrete blocks may be used instead.  Boiler base/feet may be set on 4-inch thick header blocks that are level, centered, and properly supported.
If pouring concrete, don’t forget to leave a space for the underground feed and return pipe.

Although outdoor prevailing wind and smoke considerations should be given first priority, your outdoor boiler location selection may also minimize the amount of purchased pipe required. Authorized Hawken underground pipe loses very little heat, so longer distances will not cause significant heat loss, but reducing distance will reduce cost of purchased pipe. Finally, keep in mind that the underground pipe must enter the home or building to be heated, and plan for this accordingly.

Preparing the Location for Your Hawken

When preparing the location for your boiler, please consider the following:
When possible, install underground pipe before delivery and placement of boiler. This simplifies the placement process. If installing boiler on a cement pad, it is recommended to install underground pipe before pouring cement pad. Make sure to leave a hole in cement pad (minimum 12” square) between rear legs for underground pipe to connect to rear of boiler. Installation should be performed by a qualified installer. For customers who require chimney extensions, insulated pipe is required.  Contact Hawken to ensure that the insulated chimney extensions you purchase mate with the factory installed chimney on your unit.

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