Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Senator Geoff Hansen Visits Hawken Energy

State Senator Geoff Hansen visited the production facility of Hawken Energy, Inc. earlier today. After touring the facilities, Sen. Hansen gave an informal presentation to the Hawken team regarding the latest budget battles he is fighting in Lansing. He reported that our state legislature is working on many of the things that should have been done long ago, but "must be done now so our children and grandchildren do not suffer." He answered questions and indicated that although we have some difficult challenges to face, he is optimistic about the future of Michigan.

Sen. Hansen was impressed that Hawken Energy is the fourth-largest manufacturer of outdoor wood furnaces in the nation and competing very successfully in its industry, thanks in large part to its team of highly skilled and dedicated employees and vendors who are exclusively from Muskegon, Oceana, and Mason counties. Warren Walborn, CEO of Hawken Energy, spoke recently of the growth prospects of Hawken and the use of renewable fuels - he stated as follows: "Since it is widely accepted that the 'Era of Cheap Oil is Over', the age of renewable fuels is upon us. Hawken Energy is responding by providing homeowners and businesses low cost heating alternatives that use wood - the world's most abundant renewable fuel. Many people think of burning wood as a low-tech solution, but with the advent of dual-stage burners, catalytic combustion, and other advanced technologies, Hawken is leading the industry in product development of advanced, high-tech ways of using wood fuel. Hawken is currently working with the US Environmental Protection Agency to further develop these technologies."

For further information, please feel free to contact Warren Walborn, CEO of Hawken Energy, Inc.
(231) 861-8200

Left to Right: Warren Walborn, Laura Pomeroy, Bruce Walborn, Geoff Hansen, Darlene Fielstra, Jim Brondstetter, Rachel McKay, Don Squire, Victor Prado, Amy Anderson, Jesse Prado

Left to Right: Bruce Walborn, Geoff Hansen, Jim Brondstetter

Left to Right:
Darlene Fielstra, Victor Prado, Jesse Prado, Rachel McKay, Laura Pomeroy, Bruce Walborn, Geoff Hansen, Warren Walborn, Jim Brondstetter, Amy Anderson, Don Squire

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