Monday, April 25, 2011

Changing Door Rope Gasket:

It shouldn't happen very often but when it does we want you to know how it's done. How often this happens depends on how hot your furnace burns and other factors that very from user to user. Remember to keep your fire and coals 6 to 8 inches back from the shelf of the door chute.

Changing the fire rope gasket on a Hawken outdoor wood furnace should be very easy. Before you change your gasket though lets take a look at the symptoms.

From time to time a customer will call us about smoke that is escaping around the door seal. Fire rope gasket is permeable and some smoke escaping is normal.

The rope will settle in the first few months of use. Before you change the rope gasket try adjusting your door. This is easiest with two people, one to push the door against the chute and the other to adjust the bolts. Keep your door snug but not so tight that it is difficult to operate.

If you decide that it is time to change your door gasket follow these simple steps.

1. Let your fire burn down completely. Leaving the door open too long can ruin your furnace and may void your warranty, not to mention that the heat would create an unsafe and uncomfortable working environment.

2. Strip out the old door rope. Using pliers, screw drivers or other tools as necessary, remove the old door rope and clean the channel where the rope seats. Use acetone or other products to clean the channel. Use caution with any cleaning product. If the product is flammable, like acetone, the fire should be completely removed from the firebox. Safety first. Be sure the channel is dry before continuing to the next step.

3. Glue in the new rope gasket. Hawken furnaces use a 1 inch rope gasket available here. Place a bead of silicone or high temp glue inside the channel of the door. Push the new rope gasket into place all the way around the door. When you get to the end, use a sharp knife to trim the rope to length. The ends of the rope should touch to keep the gasket tight.

4. Close the door. You may need to adjust the door to fit properly. Keeping the door closed will hold the gasket in place while the silicone or glue set up. You can start burning again right away. Just be sure the door gasket stays in place while you build your fire back up.

You can buy fire rope gasket by clicking here.

Don't forget the silicone.

If you have any other questions about door gaskets or anything else to do with your Hawken furnace consult your Owner's Manual or feel free to give us a call (231) 861-8200.

Posted by Don Squire - Hawken Energy Outdoor Wood Furnaces
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  1. I kind of wish I had one of these, it would make my furnace repair in Westmont IL a lot easier. Well I'll have to get it fix soon.