Friday, November 12, 2010

From our Facebook Page for Hawken Energy Outdoor Wood Furnaces

A conversation we recently held on our Facebook wall about creosote leaking through the door rope gasket:  
Bill B: We just started our new HE-2100 about 2 weeks ago. It is doing great but we have black fluid dripping out the bottom of my front loading door. Should I be concerned about this or is it normal? What should I look at for the source of the problem?

Hawken Energy: This is normal on just about any wood burning appliance using rope for a door gasket. The source is the moisture and creosote in your wood. The dripping will go away soon, as your door rope settles in.

Bill B: Thank you for your response. I did notice the door wasn't quite centered on front so I adjusted it, I think that may have contributed to large puddles of moisture and creosote. I'm not sure it was sealing right. Overall still very pleased with the purchase, seemingly endless hot water and no propane used since we fired it up.

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Posted by Don Squire - Hawken Energy Outdoor Wood Furnaces
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