Friday, April 9, 2010

Hawken Energy Now Sells LEVEL-EZE Ladder Leveler from Jershon.

Back when Hawken Energy was first getting it's start, the Jershon company of Shelby, MI helped by loaning office and warehouse space. Hawken Energy wants to return the favor by promoting their LEVEL-EZE product.

This must-add makes attachment virtual eliminates the risk of unsteady ladder support.

-Instantly and automatically adjusts to any uneven surface. No levers, locks or pins to manually adjust.

- Fits any width or length of aluminum or fiberglass extension ladder.

- Easily installed in the field, or can be purchased factory installed.

- Tested to meet or surpass all current and proposed U.S.A. and other International safety standards.

- Unconditional one-year replacement warranty with proof of purchase.

Click here to buy your Level-EZE ladder attachment NOW!

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