Thursday, March 4, 2010

Customer Testimonial

My Hawken outdoor wood burner is performing better than I could ever expected. On February 5, 2010 we lost power to our house for a week, and the wood in the wood burner smoldered during that week. When the power was restored the wood burner started right up with no problems. Our house went from 45 degrees to 72 degrees in two hours.

We also connected the wood burner to our hot water tank and it works better than the existing hot water tank. We are a family of five, with the wood burner the water is hotter and is more available when everyone takes a shower. Not like the electric tank that can’t get as hot and we have to plan and space out showers.

Additionally, our electric bill has drop dramatically. This is our first year with the wood burner, and when comparing January’s bill to past January’s bill we are saving over $500.00 per month.

Thank you Hawken Energy!

Nick R.

Venetia, PA

Posted by Don Squire

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