Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why a Hot Water Kit

One of the great things about a Hawken Energy outdoor wood furnace is the versatility of the heating options. Hot water circulated from the Hawken can be used to heat forced air systems, boilers, garages, shop space, pools and hot tubs, green houses and all kinds of other utilities. We've even seen wood drying kilns utilize the abundant heat of a Hawken Energy system.

The most popular kit that Hawken Energy offers is the Hot Water Kit, also know as the Domestic Hot Water Kit. This simple kit usually pays for itself within the first year and provides almost unlimited amounts of hot water to the home or business where it's installed. You can see this kit by clicking here.

Our own research indicates that the average customer saves between $30 and $50 per month (on electric hot water tanks) when a Hawken Energy Hot Water Kit is installed. Some customers save even more. No matter what your fuel, a Hot Water Kit saves money.

The Hot Water Kit works by running the domestic water source through a plate exchanger before it feeds into the existing hot water tank. This plate exchanger is a 250,000 BTU powerhouse. Cold water fed into the plate exchanger flows through and enters the tank at temperatures almost matching the temperature of the water circulating from the Hawken system. This hot water is then stored in your existing hot water tank until it's needed. The Hot Water Kit also includes an anti-scald valve for safety.

Hawken Energy offers the plate exchanger type kit because we feel it's the best option for the job. Another option available on the market is what's called a side arm exchanger. These side arm exchangers use thermal convection to circulate water through the hot water tank from top to bottom. They work, but once the stored hot water is depleted there is no more hot water. They usually cost about the same and don't do the job as well. Why not use a plate exchanger?

If you are even thinking about an outdoor wood furnace, consider the payback of unlimited hot water that pays for itself in a matter of months.

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