Friday, September 25, 2009

Story from a Hawken employee

I have a story for you that I thought you might get a kick out of. We (my husband & I) had a Furnace/Chimney Inspector out to our house today to check everything out before the winter season. When we bought our house there was a nice wood stove in the basement and we had decided that seeing how we weren’t going to be able to get a Hawken Stove out at the house for this winter that we would burn the wood stove in the basement for this winter to help heat the house. Unfortunately, the inspector had discovered that the Chimney to the Wood Stove has a crack in it all the way down and he could not let it pass inspection to burn! Tim asked him what something like that would cost to have relined so that we could use it? The inspector told him that it would be right around $3,800.00 to have it done. I asked Tim what he said to the guy when he told him that? This is the conversation that they had:

Tim “Well that isn’t going to happen”

Inspector “When I get back to the office I can try to see if I can get you a lower quote”

Tim “Don’t bother because my wife works at Hawken Energy in Shelby and we plan on having one of their Outdoor Wood Stoves out here next winter for sure”

Inspector “Oh, well you know that those outdoor wood stoves burn way more wood than these indoor ones”

Tim laughed and said “It’s a good thing my wife isn’t here because she would be educating you on their Hawken Wood Stoves and their wood use. You are obviously talking about a (competing brand) Stove and know nothing about Hawken.”

I asked Tim what they had to say about that? He said that the Inspector couldn’t get out of there fast enough after that conversation!

It’s nice to know that my husband listens to me enough to know a little about our Product and will stand up for us when need be.

Just though you guys might get a kick out of this also.


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