Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Easy Startup of Your Hawken Furnace.

If you haven’t done it yet, you’ll probably be ready to start up your Hawken Furnace soon. Here are some simple tips to starting your furnace for this heating season. See your owner’s manual for full details and always observe all safety precautions.

1. Make sure the furnace is full of water.
2. Make sure the furnace water has been properly treated with authorized water treatment.
3. Open all valves. Allow 5 minutes for water to fill pump and system.
4. Turn on power and make sure pump is running. Never operate furnace without the pump fully circulating water.
5. Build a small fire in the firebox, and allow furnace temperature to rise SLOWLY.
6. When the temperature reaches 170 degrees, the furnace is ready to be filled to capacity for full operation.

Tip 1. Inspect your door for popper seal. Air leakage can waste wood and cause your furnace to high-limit.
Tip 2. If you’re not starting your furnace now, it’s a good idea to prepare the kindling and dry wood so the fire starts easily that first cold night.
Tip 3. Keep the fire to the rear of the furnace for greater heat exchange.

The Hawken Energy outdoor wood furnace is the low-maintenance way to heat your home with wood. Save money this winter. Stay warm.

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