Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Energy costs, particularly those costs associated with heating your home, are all over the place. The economic downturn has forced some lower prices but who remembers what they paid for electricity or propane 5 years ago? Prices are higher than they used to be and they beat the inflation rate by a huge margin.
Recently, economists have predicted the cost of crude oil will increase. When crude goes up, all related fuels follow. With the proposed Cap and Trade program other fuel costs, such as electricity from coal burning plants, have reason to increase.
In a nutshell, Cap and Trade is this: High emissions companies like electricity producers will have a cap on how much CO2 they are allowed to emit into the atmosphere. To meet demand for higher quantities or whatever else, they will have to buy additional permits. The potential cost of the permits, a very limited commodity, is astronomical.
Who will pay for these permits? Politicians like to glaze over this fact and make it sound like the energy companies will pay for it. Of course, they will have to get that money somewhere....you guessed it, the American consumer.
The first news of this proposal gave rise to some, but not a huge amount of outrage from the consumers and there was some media coverage. More recently though, the media does little to remind us about the potential hazard this cap and trade program poses to the American middle class. When Americans are not actively reminded of such program proposals it becomes much easier for the politicians to make these proposals into laws.
There are two warnings in this. First, stay actively aware of what our government is doing for us. Make your voice heard, be educated and vote according to your personal feelings. Second, be prepared for the increase in electricity and home heating costs.
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