Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Teacher Shares Renewable Energy

Today I received a phone call from a customer who purchased a Hawken Outdoor Woodstove (HE1100) this past winter. He said he and his wife love their Hawken and they were very impressed with the way it heated their home. Their home is 3600 sq. ft. and has very high ceilings, etc.

He went on to say that he teaches about "renewable energy" at the high school level. During the winter he took his class to his house on a field trip to see his Hawken Outdoor Woodstove in operation. In his classroom he discusses how we need to stop depending on the use of fossil fuels and start using woods and winds for our energy use.

He stresses to his students that they need to share this information with their parents so that they stop relying on fossil fuels in present day, and that we can not solely wait for today's kids to change things in the future - that we need to start using our natural resourses for energy now.

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