Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WAREHOUSE-And why it’s important.

I'm involving some of the other staff here in the blog. Here's Kristina - Warehouse manager for Hawken Energy.

The Warehouse is an extremely important part of Hawken Energy. Everything that goes out from there is shipped all over the country, some even to Alaska and Canada, so, it’s very important to make sure everything is packed accordingly so the product is safe from loss and damage. Shipping also includes making sure that everything on the customers order goes out as well as the correct quantity. These are very important factors in the warehouse.

Shipping is just half of what the warehouse is responsible for. Keeping track of inventory is a major factor as well. I have to make sure the warehouse always has enough of each and every part in stock. “You can’t ship it if you don’t have it.”

Failing to perform these tasks correctly each and every time can and will cause the company to lose money and possibly customers.

I enjoy managing the warehouse because there’s so much to keep track of. I have to constantly think and prepare ahead, whether its building kits, ordering parts, keeping records, stocking, packing, or shipping, each and every part of the job is crucial to the growth of our company.

Kristina Martinez

Hawken Energy Warehouse Manager

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