Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hawken Energy sales of outdoor furnaces grew 118% in 2008. Unit sales grew after Hawken introduced two new models, both made in Michigan. These two outdoor wood furnaces are being manufactured in Shelby, Michigan, of structural plate steel. Warren W. Walborn, President, stated that “We believe that Americans are anxious to purchase products that are made in America. Everything in our furnaces, including the steel, is made in America. And although there have been many negative stories about Michigan, we have found Michigan to have a large pool of skilled craftsmen and many small suppliers that are available and who want to remain in this beautiful part of America.”

Hawken Energy, incorporated in Michigan at the beginning of 2004, saw the potential for families and businesses to greatly reduce their heating bills with the increased cost of heating fuels. An average Hawken Energy customer, who has to buy all his wood, can expect to reduce his prior heating bills by 70% with the addition of a Hawken outdoor wood furnace. These new furnaces were designed to operate automatically, to be very efficient, to last a long time and to deliver exceptional comfort. Walborn said that “Many families have been living in cold homes to keep their costs down. That is no longer necessary now because a Hawken Energy outdoor furnace can deliver all the home heat, unlimited hot water, heat to heating multiple buildings, and heat to swimming pools.” To learn more about Hawken Energy or to become a Factory Rep visit www.HawkenEnergy.com.

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