Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Email from a Satisfied Hawken Energy Owner

This is a recent email that we received cut and pasted as is into our blog.

I purchased and installed an HE-1100 boiler in the beginning of Dec.
of this year. I couldn't be more happy and impressed with the quality and performance of the boiler. I live in northwest Illinois and the weather has been aweful and cold. My home is around 3500 sq. ft. not including the basement and is pretty well insulated, it is a two story home with electric forced air furnace. Our power bill would run in the 700.00 dollar range per month due to the electric furnace. We had it calculated that it cost 1.50$ per hour to run. since installing the boiler the house furnace has not come on at all. I burn a mix of elm and walnut wood cut 3' long and not split and I would only have to load every 12 to 14 hours and even then it still had a lot of coals and wood still in the fire box. As far as smoke there is very mininal smoke even when it first starts up. Only about 20' of visible smoke at first then it goes to clear heat. when the stove is idling, the smoke bearly clears! the top of the chimney. needless to say I would highly recommend your product to everyone I talk to and look forward to years of happiness burning wood.
Thank you

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